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A collection of Collaborations, Ideas and updates on all things Crystal Lotus related!

Carlos Delgado

An artist creating solutions for artists

Carlos Delgado is a skilled creator from Chicago and expresses himself in many mediums. He was offered the chance to provide live art at an Educational non-profit Event in Downtown Chicago. 

This project was focused deeply on his connection to creating a solution for artists on the go. 

With handpicked textiles, high-quality materials, and a creative enginuity, he forged notebooks with built-in storage for writing utensils and tools. 

I was offered the amazing opportunity to tell the story of this day. I directed, recorded and edited this short film that gives light to the depths of his creativity!

You can see more of his creations on his website!

Typography by Chinba of

Deft Designers 

A logo and sign creator

Chinba is a samurai in typography form! With his unmatched abilities to create engaging handwritten typefaces that can be seen used as signs for businesses across Chicago! 

He operates out of a Hacker Space, Artist Collaborative community building known as "The Pumping Station".

There he utilizes modern technology to write, digitalize, and laser CNC his designs into different textiles to create awesome signage and logos. 

I was honored to step behind the scenes to capture his story as he crafted a custom made sign just for me! This short film was directed, shot and produced by me! Enjoy!

You can see more of his creations on his Instagram!

How to upload to your instagram from your computer.

Have you ever found yourself with the problem of swiftly uploading your photography onto your Instagram without having to send your photos to your phone?

This is a quick trick that will help you upload your photos to Instagram using google chrome.


All you have to do is, download google chrome, click on the three dots at the top right of the browser, and hover over more tools -> developer settings. 

You can also use the hotkey f12 to access this menu or by pressing ctrl + shift + I on your keyboard.  

If you have ever wanted to speed up your workflow for updating your social media with your professional photography, try this! 

You can see more of his creations on his Instagram!