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Visual Story Telling

Visual story telling in an essential ingredient to a successful brand in todays digital universe. 

Choosing a budget and production that makes sense for your business is important to us! Depending on your needs Crystal Lotus Studios is able to offer a wide variety of videography services based on what you had in mind for your website, socials or ad campaign. 

Weather its a single shooter with a gimbal stabilizer or a team of videographers and a full kit of cinema equipment, we are able to quote you accordingly to meet your needs!

We can start low, or aim high hiring with the ability to hire on a director, editor, multiple shooters, and bring our equipment to your location to document and tell your story to give you the tools you need to market your business online!

Tokyo's Last Call

I'm incredibly excited to share the reel I created for Tokyo's Last Call, 4 weeks of Japanese styled pop ups including bartenders from New York and Tokyo we were presented 4 unique menu's of flavors went into this collaboration! These wonderful flavors were brought forth from across the globe to a gorgeous speak easy here in Chicago! The vibes were immaculate!

Bar Concepts:

Thank you, @thedaveyjones@suntorytoki and @threedotsandadash for curating this experience!

A special shout out to @lettuceentertainyou @portstainedeye and @headstotails

Knob Creek Barrel Club
Bigstar Mariscos, Chicago

Beam Suntory and Knob Creek whiskey teamed up with Bigstar Mariscos here in chicago to highlight a special single barrel select to present to their monthly barrel club. 

Rhmotion pictures and I grabbed our cameras and set up a production to document a 30 minute talk of the intracate process that makes up the beautiful flavor profile of this particular bottle. We created social media versions, a short emailed version, along with a full length 30 minute cut that expressed their brand needs.  This here is the introduction to that insightful conversation. 

Visual Story Telling

Gordo at the Salt Shed
Chicago, IL 

As we know, chicago is the Birth place of Real house music. It has been an honor to document a few exciting events! Check out this recap I did for Gordo at the Saltshed! I was blessed to shoot for the second official Date of this venues History which felt immense! The crowd was full and the energy was booming!

Gordo and Solardo at The salt shed Chicago 
2023 by Crystal Lotus Studios and RH motion Pictures

Underground Art Gallery Chicago 

A collective of talented artists, ranging from visual, auditory, movement and flavor. 

Combing all those elements together these artist, come together under one roof to create a spectacular blend of culture and vibes. 

Summer Camp Music Festival
Chillicothe, IL

Documenting music festivals has been an integral part of my growth as a photographer and videographer. Networking my way across the scene I have had the wonderful opertunity of documenting recaps and clips for artists and festivals alike. Here is a recap I put together for "The Tripp Brothers, a live saxaphone and DJ group that I used to manage for a few years.

The tripp brothers at Summer camp Music Festival 2021 by Crystal Lotus Studios


"Community Get down Dance" Party Recap Video
at Replay Lincoln in Chicago, IL

Travis Barron

Owner Operator | Photographer | Videographer | Motion Graphic Designer

Festivals and Events have been a large part of my photography and videography journey thus far. Along with camera operation as a freelance for many working studios across the Midwest. 

As I continue to grow and learn, more opportunities to work on teams, explore commercial sets, documenting dynamic scenes, and developing narratives has become more prevalent in my portfolio.

Over this past year, I have traveled to Todos Santos Mexico to work on set for a documentary  telling the tales of a group of musicians changing the lives of the citizens of a quant small town utilizing music as their catalyst. 

You can also see photos of me featured doing behind the scenes footage for David Pierce Media, within the Inibi Studios Collective. 

We all know that in order to make big things happen, it is essential to have the right combination of players to conquer large projects!

Some of our best works can be showcased on an agency platform we work closely along side. With many moving parts, BE.Co brings together podcasts, photography, video, flavor, science, and community connection together on their website. 

Our team loves that focus on community and connection!

Terms of Service BTS.jpg

Meet The team!

Rick Hernandez

Videographer | Drone Pilot

dsc00671 (1).JPG

Rick Hernandez of @RHMotionPictures is one of those players. Rick is a collaborator of many varieties utilizing his mutli talented skill set to set scenes and tell stories.

His abilities to operate a large array of camera equipment, complimented by his FAA Drone License, he is able to contribute large amounts of data to any operation! We work together closely to achieve high quality final products. Here is an example of some of his most recent work! 

Dayson Roa

Videographer | Live Stream


Dayson Roa of @DERproductions is also a strong contributing member of Crystal Lotus Studios. With is artistic eye, and accute sense for detail in his editing and shooting, he completes the trifecta of videographers on our team. 

Between the three of us, we own and operate as independents and as a group. Pooling together all three of our high grade cinema lighting and filming systems.

Together we assist as members of a digital media agency that focuses on Hospitality, entertainment and Lifestyle under the Umbrella of @Be.Co. An agency that provides an inside look on the industry and discusses the inner workings of how to make it a more inclusive, diverse, and healthy community! 

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