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About Us

Cynthia and Travis are a duo of photographers that have come together to create Legacy Weddings. Capturing each wedding day experience with a passion to document your legacy with care. With our photos we will paint the picture of the day, with an album filled with candid, formal, and detailed images upon delivery. We try our best to save all of the moments that make your wedding day special!

With a fairy tale likeability, Cynthia shines with her ability to pose a bride and groom, or a full group of family members to create images that will last a lifetime! She also has a vision to portray the unique and beautiful characteristics of a feminine perspective, joining the Bride to be on their journey from the preparation, capturing all the details that tell the story of your connection.

Travis joins the grooms men as they gear up for a celebration to send their best friend off into the world with his new love. With background in shooting live events and the ability to  bringing out the stoic and kind characteristics of any groom! 

Between both of them, you will receive two perspectives from each photographer to paint the pages of a beautiful book that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your days! 

Please reach out to us to inquire about our wedding packages, we offer a range of packages, to make sure that one of our packages will work best for you!  

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Legacy Weddings

Crystal Lotus Studios is now Seperating wedding photography from its booking, and we are now moving forward with a new exclusively wedding platform. If you are interested in booking a wedding with us, please see our new website! 

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