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Crystal Lotus Studios

Photography | Graphic Design  |  Videography

Chicago based photographer and graphic design that specializes in creating high quality images to help elevate businesses, capturing professional portraits, document events and tell the stories of your brands. 

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Travis Barron
Photographer | Graphic Designer

Behind the Lens

Chicago Based Photographer, with a strong passion in graphic design, creating fresh and exciting content that helps artists and businesses build websites, share their products and achievements and over all tell their story through visual art and strategy.

Travis works with a team of talented professionals, those of which are able to help you meet your goals by creating stunning visual media that can be used on your websites, socials and advertising campaigns


I have been blessed with the opportunity to work among an eclectic selection of talented artists, small businesses, agencies, actors, record labels, events and festivals. I also have worked closely models looking to expand their portfolios, couples that need their special days documented and a ton of run and gun styled projects that require critical thinking and expertise to execute high quality assets. 

Over the past few years I have flown to LA, New York, Detroit, Miami and across the Midwest to capture the stories of so many lives and help build businesses. 

As an artist, I try my best to focus in, with acute attention to detail on each project! My goal is to grow together with meaningful partnerships, and provide the tools people need to connect with their audiences, sell their products or capture important moments.  With an intention to help catalyze your progress and a curiosity on how we can work towards your goals, I would be more than happy to help you get. Be it art and music, modeling, or branding your business, I'm confident our work together will bring forth a fresh breath of color and light to your experience.

Recent Work
Tokyo's Last Call 

I'm incredibly excited to share the reel and photography I created for Tokyo's Last Call a four week Japanese styled pop up including bartenders from New York and Tokyo. We were presented 4 unique menu's each week full of flavors from their bar concepts. These wonderful Bartenders were brought forth from across the globe to a gorgeous speak easy here in Chicago! The vibes were immaculate, the drinks were delicious, and the music was grooving. 

Bar Concepts Featured: 

Thank you, @thedaveyjones@suntorytoki and @threedotsandadash for curating this experience!

A special shout out to @lettuceentertainyou @portstainedeye and @headstotails! 


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