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The foundation of a successful brand starts with digital assets, the tools that are needed to create products, market, and tell the story of your brand. This is represented through a visual language expressed by color, form and placement. 

As a freelance artist, my goal is to be the paint brush, that illustrates your mental visions into these digital assets that will communicate your message to your viewers in the marketplace. 

Below you can see a variety of applications of design, utilizing motion graphics, logo design and photography using the Adobe creative cloud. 

Examples of Work
Motion Graphics

Motion graphics play a key role in live entertainment, or spicing up a video to engage your viewers in a hypnotic flow of pixels and color.  

With the power of Illustrator, Photoshop, Premire pro and After effects, I create tantalizing designs that can compliment your music, marketing, or to overlay on a shiny new video to boost your content!

Product Design
EDM Chicago Festival Hat Pin
Production Files

Evol chicago is an EDM brand, focused on vending as a booth at Major festivals and music events. 

This particular project was a collaboration between Evol Chicago, an Illustrator that goes by the psuedo name "Carnivorous FX", and myself. 

My role on this team was to create an effective vector, that can be utilized as a production file to create festival hat pins. 


This design was used as a cast to form metal in the shape of the elephant, and then filled with soft enamel utilizing the colors I specified on the production files.

Festival hat pins are an experimental market, with a cult following. The more artistic the better the sales!

Presented on an ecommerce marketplace

Though out the year on my social media, I release behind the scenes videos of how I create  the projects I'm working on!

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!



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